Monday, November 25, 2013

Fort Walton Beach Green Tree Short Sale Approved for PCS Military Move

Green Tree Fort Walton short sale
This home at 334 Victoria Ave., Fort Walton Beach, Florida was approved for short sale and just closed.  Here are the details:
Senior Lien: Green Tree Servicing
Senior Lien balance:  $156,000
Junior Lien:  Green Tree Servicing
Junior Lien balance:  $40,000
Current Value: $135,000
Hardship: Military PCS (Permanent Change of Station from Eglin Air Force Base)
The senior Green Tree loan was backed by Fannie Mae, which considers military PCS a long-term hardship, offering short sale as an option. We had to provide a copy of the PCS orders to Green Tree to support the case.  I always recommend providing as much detail as possible to justify a hardship in a short sale situation, so we send in PCS orders automatically. Both the senior and junior lien for this Fort Walton Beach home were approved within 60 days. There was no deficiency judgment, no cash contribution and no promissory note due from the seller.
334 Victoria Ave., Fort Walton Beach Florida sold for $135,900.
If you are in a military PCS situation and are considering short sale,  if your loan is not backed by VA (VA Compromise Sale), find out if your loan is backed by Fannie Mae. Here is the link to the Fannie Mae loan look-up.  If it is a Fannie Mae loan, you can contact the Fannie Mae Help Center or give me a call to discuss your options.
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