Thursday, January 17, 2013

2834 Atoka, Crestview FL Citi VA Compromise Sale Approved

Citi Mortgage just approved this Cherokee Bend, Crestview Florida VA Compromise Sale.  An interesting and long process, we ended up selling this property to the second buyer.

This  Crestview Florida VA Compromise Sale took about four months to be assigned to a VA negotiator at Citi.  Countless documents were requested to be faxed and re-faxed. For example, seller pay stubs, bank statements and Citi's "Workable Solutions Package" (their standard financial worksheet) had to be sent in multiple times. Citi would take days to acknowledge receiving the documents, or not. They were sent in by both my office and the seller, sometimes to Citi's short sale email, which is [email protected]  Unfortunately, the initial buyer purchased another home during this short sale process.  Fortunately, we found a new buyer within a few days, and directly emailed the new contract and HUD-1 settlement statement to the VA Compromise negotiator at Citi, the same day he said he had to permanently close the file!  Happily, the new offer was within guidelines for VA Compromise Sale - the net proceeds exceeded 88.13% of appraised value.  We expect the property to close within 30 days.

It's Wendy!

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