Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Destin Florida Short Sale Agent in Kiplinger Magazine

I was flattered to have been recently interviewed by Kiplinger Magazine regarding the state of short sales. The story, "Escape the Debt Trap" is in the February edition of the magazine. It highlighted one of my Destin Florida real estate client's experiences in short sales of her properties in Destin and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Angela Angelovic hired me to help her "short sale" three houses over the last few years, two investment properties and a primary residence. She is now on her way to rebuilding her financial life, feeling "relieved." The Kiplinger article emphasized that one-fifth of U.S. homeowners are "upside down" in their home's market value versus mortgage balance, and that short sale is a strategy that can help free you from your debt "trap". Also discussed were methods of reducing credit card debt, student loan debt and medical bills. The reporter, Pat Mertz Esswein, states "If you pursue a short sale, look for an experienced agent who knows the local market values, is familiar with lenders and their short sale process, and can zero in on patient buyers".
She noted that most of my short sale approvals were obtained with waiver of deficiency.

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