Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is There Hope for a Directionally Challenged Realtor

They laugh at me. They shake their heads. “Don’t ask Wendy for directions!”, they say. Why? I am “directionally” challenged. It happened again just this morning. I had a meeting with a fellow Realtor and an attorney. The attorney’s office is located about a quarter mile from my Destin real estate office and near my house. I had no idea where it was. I emailed the Realtor three times for directions. “Is it on the south side of the road? Is there a sign on the building? What is near it?” She told me the attorney’s office was in a former real estate company building. I never knew that had been there, either.
When someone asks me for directions, I tell them, “It’s just down the road about….. miles. To me, that’s where it is. That’s where everything is! Do I drive buyers around? No. I prefer listings. Could the reason be that I panic when someone gets in my car because I don’t know where I am going? Even with GPS? Somehow, though, I always make it to a listing appointment on the dot. I don’t know how. And entering directions in the MLS? I don’t. I let someone else on my team do it. That’s because I’ve had a few agents tell me my directions are wrong. Even if I use a map as a guide.
My parents knew something was amiss when I was a child. I tested high in all categories – except – you guessed it! Geography!
It's Wendy!

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