Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Sold - 652 Randall Roberts Rd., Emerald Village, Fort Walton Beach Florida

Emerald Village homes for sale

This spacious home just sold as a HAP sale in Emerald Village, Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  HAP is the Homeowners Assistance Program for U.S. military members who have orders to relocate (PCS).  When the service member's home cannot be sold at a price sufficient to cover an existing mortgage, HAP may pay some, if not all, of the deficit.  This saves our Air Force, Marines, Navy and Army members from foreclosure or short sale, preserving their credit.

Some of the qualifications for the HAP program are:

1. PCS orders at least 50 miles from the primary residence
2. The original contract to purchase the home had an effective date prior to July 1, 2006
3. The home was the primary residence at the time of orders

Many Eglin Air Force Base, Hurlburt Field and Duke Field service members have qualified for the program.  This HAP sale on Randall Roberts Rd. took about 60 days to approve.  At closing, HAP purchased the home from the sellers, paid off the mortgage shortfall, then simultaneously sold it to the new buyers.

652 Randall Roberts Rd., Fort Walton Beach Florida - Just Sold for $200,000
Apply for HAP here.
Learn more about HAP.
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