Friday, September 24, 2010

How Do You Negotiate? Like Vinegar or Honey?

This week I dealt with two agents offering a startling contrast in styles. Sort of like "vinegar" and "honey".

Agent Vinegar Tactics during negotiations:
"Your seller must not really want to sell.”
"How many offers have you had so far?”
"It’s not priced right in the first place.”

Agent Honey Tactics during negotiations:
"I am not Houdini, but I’ll try to do magic!”
"I’ll do the best I can to make this work.”
"Thank you!”

Which agent do you think will be more successful negotiating for their client? Both are representing their buyers with low offers. Agent Vinegar’s approach is an aggressive attack. It is meant to show the listing agent that the house was overpriced and the listing agent could not sell it. Agent Honey shows he is approachable and calls for empathy.

Agent Vinegar will probably get the listing agent defensive and build up a wall. Remember, agents are not automatons, they are human.

Agent Honey will probably get the listing agent to act like a teammate to get the deal done.

Which agent are you?

It's Wendy!
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