Wednesday, September 23, 2009

15 Minutes With A New Real Estate Agent

My first talk with a new agent covers basic tenets of sales...

1. You don't "sell" people. You help them see what they want. The best definition of salesmanship I ever learned was from the original trainer, Tom Hopkins. He said "Salesmanship is crystallizing someone's thinking." You help them buy what THEY want.

2. "You talk to men differently than you talk to women, right?" WRONG. Each person is an individual. He or she may be analytical, emotional, social, etc. Relate to people in a way that is important to them. You're not going to talk about R-values and 2x4's if they care about pool parties.

Don't just show a woman where the laundry room is. I had a salesman do that to me, and I decided right then I wasn't buying.

3. When showing homes, don't talk the whole time. In fact, don't talk much. I remember the first time I was shown properties by two different agents. One talked the entire time, extolling the virtues of the home. I could not even think to know if I liked the property. The other agent was quiet and watchful. What a difference.

4. With a couple, pay attention to both partners. The one with the least words may have the most power.

5. Don't tell buyers or sellers what to do or pay. They decide what to do. You can show them facts and give them your "opinion", but that's all.

6. Qualify what you say. You don't have to know everything, either, that's ok.

7. Not every objection must be answered. Small objections are good buying signs, and they might be legitimate. "Yes, the door is in an awkward place."

8. Don't give legal advice. You are not a lawyer.

9. Document everything. Save your emails and notes. Relay and obtain important information in writing.

10. Listen. Learn.

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