Thursday, April 9, 2009

John Hollan - Santa Rosa Beach Photography

"Half Life" by John Hollan

When I first walked into John and Deah Hollan's home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, I was struck by the exciting decor and contemporary flair. I remember strolling into the living room, my eyes big and my smile bigger. I turned to my right and then my jaw dropped. There was one of the most beautiful paintings I had ever seen. I exclaimed that I "loved" it and was truly moved! My mother was an artist so I have always appreciated art and the creation of it. John said he had painted it, as he had several others around the home. I sold John and Deah's home in Pelican Bay a few months later, and they honored me by presenting the painting to me as a "thank you". I actually got misty-eyed at the closing to have received somthing so beautiful and meaningful.

John Hollan is also a gifted photographer and has a studio in Gulf Place, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. He specializes in beach photography, portraits, pet portraits, and of course, art! You may contact John at [email protected].

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