Sunday, February 10, 2008

Homeowners Insurance: I Was Dropped

I thought I had it made. My Florida Allstate homeowners insurance policy was only $1900 last year. That is almost unheard of it my part of Florida-- Destin, on the Emerald Coast. I got my policy that low by doing two things. One was by having my builder fill out a construction questionnaire about my property, along with providing photos proving I have a hip roof and photos of the attic roof deck attachment. Second, I raised all my deductibles, including hurricane, to the highest amount. At the time, Florida had placed a temporary freeze on dropping customers, so I skated through while many of my neighbors and clients were dropped. Now I guess my time is up. I got a cancellation notice in the mail. I've already started shopping, but the lowest quotes are $1200 more than I have been paying. My next stop is to the Florida state website to ShopAndCompareRates.Com. I am determined to get my rates down. Let me know your Florida insurance stories, too.

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