Friday, February 1, 2008

For Sale By Owners Calling ME

In the last two days I've had two unsolicited calls from For Sale By Owners.

1. My market is the Emerald Coast of Florida. I had a builder call me from North Georgia asking if I had anyone that might want to trade a condo for a house there. Hmmm. I told him "no", but I appreciated his creativity in trying to market his property. I told him about possibly purchasing email lists of agents for $150 and sending flyers. I recommended he talk to a LOCAL agent and hire him to give his property full exposure, not to call agents in another state. I think he was taken aback and appreciated my advice.

2. I had a local seller call me and ask me to sit in front of my computer while I typed in his For Sale By Owner website address to look at his waterfront house. He proceeded to walk me through it like one of those companies who try to sell you web sites over the phone. It was quite interesting. Again, I said, "Are all the agents you are calling asking you to list?" He started on a long explanation that he didn't want to be tied to one person, etc. I told him there were a plethora of waterfront homes for sale, he would get his greatest exposure from listing his property with an agent, even if he didn't like the agent! I also told him if he did not need to sell in this market, he shouldn't put the property up for sale, as there is a two to six year inventory of homes depending on the micro-market

I find it quite interesting that the public is relying on the professional, and perhaps swinging more towards appreciation of the field of real estate sales, especially in this trying market.

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