Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's That Time Again

I have about two weeks to complete the required continuing education credit for my Florida broker license renewal. The license is active for two-year periods, then has a deadline of September 30 of odd-numbered years (for me) to pass coursework to renew the license. Again, I have waited until the last minute. I had the option of taking in-room class instruction or reading a book and passing an exam. I usually use the book. I did take one class for renewal this year, about the new Florida Association of Realtors contract for purchase and sale of real estate. I felt the instructor got so carried away with telling stories that weren't relevant, that I didn't get my money's worth, nor was I taught all the changes. I had to read and study the contract by myself. Maybe that's why I like the book and exam method better. In-room courses don't even require a written exam, just simply being in class gives credit for an agent renewing his license. With the study book, I do have to "pass", although it is open book. This year I chose Bert Rodgers as the course provider. The materials are more interesting than in previous years. Currently I am reading about the development process in Florida. The chapter has alse delved into the causes for real estate growth in the United States from a historic perspective from the early 1900's. Did you know the advent of the automobile, specifically the Ford Model T, caused the first major spurt of housing development in our country? I'll write more about that in one of my email newsletters. If you would like to subscribe, email me at [email protected] Meanwhile, wish me luck in my weekend studies!


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