Monday, March 12, 2007

"It's Wendy!" Signs

I foolishly thought that with the opening of my new company, Rulnick Realty, that the problem would be in the past. What problem? The stolen riders. A "rider" is a small sign that is attached to a main sign. For example, you often see "SOLD" or "REDUCED" riders on real estate For Sale signs. I put riders that say "IT'S WENDY!" on all my signs. For years now, the riders have mysteriously disappeared. That is, they have been heisted, absconded with and just plain stolen. I even called the police in one case where I had about five of them taken off one listing. Mind you, the For Sale sign remains intact. It's the "IT'S WENDY!" that is apparently a prized possession. With my new company, I have invested in new, very expensive signs where my riders get inserted into a metal frame. They look more connected to the main sign. No change. Gone. Yesterday, my husband, Randy, and I rode into Crestview to take down a sign. The sign had been moved onto someone else's lot. And the "IT'S WENDY!" was gone. Stay tuned. I may be offering them for sale on my website, for $20 a pop.


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